Zoe Malhotra is an Emmy and Webby nominated Indian-American director who specializes in human-driven storytelling. She has directed for global brands such as Coachella, Maison Margiela, eBay, Doordash, Walmart, and more.

Her work is often centered in authenticity, diversity, and optimism - evoking a strong emotional connection between audiences and the content. With a distinct visual look of beautiful naturalism, she likes her projects to feel like sunshine (so expect a dreamy lens flare).

Her most recent directing project, ASCENDING, is the first short documentary from Coachella and Youtube and released with alongside the much anticipated 2024 lineup announcement. She also directed “The Armenian Dating Show” a 10-episode docu-series on Armenian dating culture in Los Angeles, which has collectively garnered almost one million views on YouTube. Additionally, her short documentary titled "God Bless the Cook" has been screened at over 20 film festivals worldwide. Zoe has also worked on feature documentaries such as Netflix original “CIVIL” and Showtime’s “The Show”.

She also collects vintage colored glass, designs t-shirts that she’ll never end up printing, and would love to hear from you. Hit her up below!